All Saints Rutherglen Muscat


Product: White wine, sweet

Listing date: 18.01.2016

Product number, Alko: 311254Ruth Muscat (kopia)

Packaging: Glass bottle

Closure: Glass stopper

Volume: 375 ml

Vintage: NV

Producer: All Saints Estate

Country: Australia

Region: Victoria

District: Rutherglen

Acid: 3.9 g/l

Res. Sugar: 280 g/l

Alcohol content: 17% vol

Good until: 5 years

Temperature to drink: 14° C

Grapes: Muscat à Petit Grains

Colour: Copper-brown

Nose: Fig notes, raisin notes, nutty and hint of citrus

Mouth: Sweet, light tea notes, nuanced and elegant

Soil: Sandy loam

Vinification: The fruit is hand-harvested, although machine harvesting is fine if the vines are not too old. The fruit is de-stemmed and crushed into a vat. It will have some sulphur added. The must is then macerated on skins for a few days. During this time the really shrivelled berries will take up moisture and even more sugars will be released. The Brix of the juice actually goes up during this time. After a while a fermentation will gradually start. It is hard work for the yeast as the sugar levels are so high. It is not unusual to add some cultured yeast, particularly if there are hints that an unwanted spoilage yeast is having a go. During the fermentation stage only 1-2 percent alcohol is created. On the one hand the fermentation helps extraction and creation of flavour and character, but on the other hand precious natural sugar is being used up. It is time to go to press. The must is pressed out, this can take many hours, up to a day sometimes, and the juice is immediately fortified to 16% alcohol. Sometimes press cuts are made with pressings fractions higher in sugar but also more phenolic. This fortification kills the fermentation stone dead. In a few days it can be adjusted more accurately to the standard 17-18% for long-term storage. It is the combination of high sugar and high alcohol that makes the wines so stable and able to endure and improve with long term storage

Enjoy together with: Cheeses and baked fruit desserts

Price: €29.00