Dunkertons Vintage Organic Cider


Product: Sparkling apple cider

Listing date: 27.08.2018

Product number, Alko: 734946

Packaging: Glass bottle

Closure: Crown cap

Volume: 660 ml

Producer:  Dunkertons Cider

Country: United Kingdom

Region: Gloucestershire

Acid: Medium

Res. Sugar: Made to Medium Sweetness

Alcohol content: 7.5% vol

Good until: 18 months after bottling

Temperature to drink: Chilled, 5–8°C

Apples: A selection of carefully chosen Herefordshire cider apple varieties, Breakwells Seedling, Browns and Foxwhelp being among our favourites

Colour: A sparkling, light to golden yellow cider with a slight haze

Nose: Strong aromas of toffee and hints of a farmhouse/blue cheese character to ground it

Mouth: Tastes of freshly picked apples and honeycomb, with undertones of fresh lemon and herbal notes

Soil: Slightly acid loamy and clayey soils with slightly impeded drainage

Vinification: Flavours are allowed to fully develop through a slow natural fermentation and maturation process

Enjoy together with: A very versatile cider.  Recommended to pair with grilled fish, poultry, pork, strong and soft cheeses.  Will also complement many vegan dishes

Price: €9,10