Grand Tokaj Tokaji Aszú 6 Puttanyos

 Sweet, balanced & elegant

Listing date: 12.10.2017

Product number, Alko: 512606

Packaging: Glass bottle

Closure: Natural cork

Volume: 500 ml

Vintage: 2013

Producer: Grand Tokaj

Country: Hungary

Region: Tokaj

Acid: 8.9 g/l

Res. Sugar: 200.0 g/l

Alcohol content: 9.5% vol

Temperature to drink: 10° C

Grapes: Furmint, Hárslevelű, Zéta, Kabar, Kövérszőlő and Sárgamuskotály

Colour: Golden yellow

Nose: Prominent dark plum fruit aromas and hints of cardamom spice

Mouth: Round balance and harmony. A mix of plum and apricot jam that fits well with its general fruity nature. Grand Tokaj is a full-bodied wine with great complexity and length due to its high acid and sugar content. The flavor fills the mouth with a long lasting, fresh taste

Soil: The wine region is characterized by a continental climate, a volcanic rock base (of andesite, rhyolite, and tuffs thereof), and black soil formed upon it

Vinification: The base is made from 100% Furmint. After the first fermentation, aszú berries were added to the fermented dry wine and left to soak. The first fermentation takes a minimum 6 months. Barrel ageing  takes place in the traditional centuries old Szegi cellar, where the temperature stays at 10-12° C,  and the humidity is very high (more than 80%). The barrels are made of aged Hungarian oak from Zemplén hill and middle toasted. The ageing time is a minimum 18 months.

Enjoy together with: Dark chocolate, dried fruits, desserts or by itself

Price: €39.67