Glendalough Winter Gin


Product: Gin

Product numer, Alko: 107867 

Closure: Natural Cork

Packaging: 700 ml glass bottle

Producer: Glendalough Irish Whiskey Ltd

Country: Ireland

Region: Leinster

District: Wicklow

Alcohol content: 41%

Raw material: Neutral grain spirit distilled with purified water, juniper and other aromatic plants, berries and herbs through a copper pot and column still.

Colour: Clear / Transparent.

Nose: Is distinctive, bright and fresh with winter woods and orange peel.

Mouth: Is evocative, rich, and smooth with pine and fir giving way to earthy mid notes and warm spices. Winter sweetness, cinnamon, elderberry and fennel with just a hint of cloves.

Finish: Long for a gin with spices lingering and a faint menthol freshness. An ode to the raw beauty of a Wicklow mountain winter.

Vegan: Yes

Enjoy together with: An orange twist and sprig of thyme and topped with a premium tonic over ice.

Vinification: The fresh botanicals used in the Winter Gin are picked fresh from the wild on a daily basis during the Winter months. These include; sloe berries, rowan berries, hawthorn berries, elderberries, sage, rosehips, water mint and douglas fir. The botanicals are left to macerate in the liquid for 24 hours before the distillation process begins in a copper pot and column still. After distillation is complete the “hearts” of the process are taken to be later cut to 41% and bottled.

Certifications: Origin Green Ireland

Information about the producer: The Glendalough Distillery was set up by five friends from Wicklow and Dublin who shared a love of craft spirits. They eventually decided to leave the safety of their day jobs and went into the mountains to take a chance on something more meaningful (much like the man on their bottle, St Kevin). Together they built a craft distillery near their favourite spot in those mountains where they produce innovative and award winning Irish gin, whiskey & poitín expressions.

The producers personal opinion about the product: The Glendalough Winter Gin is a unique gin unlike any other. It is packed with botanicals and plants that grow in the cold Winter months that come together to produce a flavoursome & spicy gin. It is a beautiful gin that goes extremely well with some tonic over ice and garnished with orange peel and thyme to make a delicious and simple G&T.

Price: €39.99