Boomsma Jonge Pure Graanjenever


Product: Genever

Product number, Alko: 187296

Package: 500 ml glass bottle

Closure: Screw cap

Producer: Boomsma Distillery 

Country: The Netherlands

Alcohol content: 35% vol.

Serving temperature: Slightly cooled (+- 5ºC)

Raw material: Malt wine

Colour: Bright and clear.

Nose: Subtle juniper characteristics.

Mouth: Smooth with slight juniper characteristics and tones of citrus fruits.

Vinification: Double distillation according to the traditional Frisian recipe.

Enjoy together with: Goes perfect with any soda.

About the product: Boomsma’s Genever contains a high percentage of “malt wine” and its 100% pure grain distillates have a light aroma of juniper berries. Double distillation according to the traditional Frisian recipe gives it its extra smooth character. No artificial aromatic substances and colourings are used. When slightly cooled, you can immediately taste the difference and experience the full sensation of its refined, natural taste.

About the producer: Boomsma Distillery is a family-owned company with a rich history in spirits, such as Genever and herb liqueurs. Today, the company produces and sells many more products, such as, whisky, vodka, wine etc.

Price: €16.87