Revoltosa País


Product: Red wine

Product number, Alko: 474637

Closure: Natural Cork

Packaging: 750 ml glass bottle

Vintage: 2019

Producer: Nobel Chile

Country: Chile

Region: Itata valley

Acid: 3,97 g/l

Residual sugar: 1,37 g/l

Serving temperature:14°C

Grape varieties: 100% País

Colour: Red

Nose: Aromas of strawberry, blackcurrant and menthol

Mouth: The palate is rustic, juicy, with drying tannins and bitter at the end of the mouth

Soil: Clay

Vegan: Yes

Enjoy together with: Chicken

Alcohol content: 13%

Vinification: 100% of the grape is fermented in hole clusters. After the grape is crunched, the juice rest in open tanks to help the wild yeast star the fermentation process, at this stage the grapes is mixed with the juice to extract more color and flavor (ramming). After that, all the juice is separated from the skin and seeds and moved to stainless still tanks were the fermentation and malolactic stage is finished.

Information about the producer: Nobel is an innovative and traditional winery known for its fine wines and excellent terroirs, making it one of the leading exporters of premium wines across the globe over the past several years. Chile has been recognized as a land of great poets and its renowned figures, Gabriela Mistral and Pablo Neruda. These two Nobel Prize winners have been our main source of inspiration when it comes to working with wines. Nobel Wines honors these great writers, who embodied the same passion and dedication in their prose that we reflect in our fine quality wines.

The producers personal opinion about the product: This product is a great wine made using País grape, an old grape from the south of Chile that for many years was the underdog of the grapes, and now thanks to a handful or producers is taking back its rightful place in the Chilean wine history.

Price: €13.99