Marchisio Roero Arneis DOCG

Product: White wine, dry

Product number, Alko: 512947

Organic: Yes

Packaging: Glass bottle

Closure: Screwcap

Volume: 750 ml

Vintage: 2019

Producer: Marchisio Family Organic Estate

Country: Italy

Region: Roero

Acid: 6,7 g/l

Res. Sugar: 0,50 g/l

Alcohol content: 13,1% vol

Temperature to drink: 8° C

Grape varieties: 100% Arneis

Colour: Yellow straw-colored with greenish reflections

Nose: The citrus-based fragrance carries within it nuances of hazelnut and star anise, with retro-olfactory hints of peach, ripe pear and saffron.

Mouth: In the mouth it has a warm entrance, followed by a good acid note that accompanies the discovery of an intricate and enveloping mineral texture that fades into savory.

Soil: Calcareous – sandy, rich in fossil shells

Vinification: The vineyard’s age is 30 years. Yield per hectare is 80 lt/H. The harvest is hand-picked by selecting the bunches. Soft pressing. Fermentation at a controlled temperature of 18 ° C with its own natural yeasts and refining in amphora.

Certifications: Organic certification INOQ, FIVI

Awards and recognitions: 2021 DECANTER 90 points

Information about the producer: First and foremost, our company is a family, and the family is the homeland of the heart. It is the house in which to live and evolve, in harmony with the universe of which we are a part. Young and old, grandchildren and grandparents; every day since end of the 19th century, here in Roero, our joy of life has poured out onto the land, onto the green fortune that grows beneath our feet. Love and gratitude; for generations we have been united by a bond as strong as a promise. A cleaner world, for out children and those that follow them. We know; “If you believe, you can”. This is why we have always been here. We live under the sky. We love it and will never stop.

The producer’s personal opinion about the product: Our product is unique because is the first biodynamic Roero Arneis vinified in ceramic amphora, perfect for keeping the temperature constant, they let the wines breathe gently, giving them all the oxygen they need. Ultra-natural and full of accents, golden warmth and softness. Another gift from ceramics: extraordinary longevity.

Enjoy together with: Meat, fish, shellfish, elaborate dishes

Price: 19,84 €