Slingsby London Dry Gin


Product: Gin

Product number, Alko: 139937

Closure: Synthetic cork

Volume: 700 ml

Vintage: 2016 Botanical Blend

Producer: Spirit of Harrogate Limited

Country: United Kingdom

Region: Great Britain

Alcohol content: 42% vol

Temperature to drink: Ambient or chilled

Colour: Clear

Nose: Notes of lemon, juniper berry, rose, tea and a hint of nettle

Mouth: Dry and warm

Vinification: The key ingredients of this gin are hand grown local plants that are synonymous with the area. 17 of the 24 botanicals are selected and picked from the Harrogate region. These are complemented with water drawn from the Harrogate aquifer and pure single grain spirit. The botanical blend is distilled in a 1000 litres pot still to produce the Slingsby Distilled Concentrate with an alcoholic strength of 80%vol. The concentrate is blended with grain neutral spirit at 96.3%vol and then reduced to bottling strength with the addition of Harrogate Water drawn from the local acquifer. The product has light juniper character and this works well with strong citrus topnotes derived from the grapefruit blend in the Slingsby Distillate

Enjoy together with: Slingsby London Dry Gin is perfect served with premium tonic waters and mixers such as Fever-Tree. Garnish with a pink grapefruit twist and blueberries

Price: €53,29