Vilanova Gost Single Malt

Whiskey, Single Malt

Product number, Alko: 152844

Closure: Cork

Volume: 350 ml

Producer: Distillerie Castan

Country: France

Organic: Yes

Alcohol content: 43% vol

Colour: Pure gold

Tasting notes: Fine and delicate bouquet. Frankly vanilled with grilled touch, coffee and caramel. Strong in mouth.

Aging: Ageing in New Bourbon cask and American oak cask, Crocodile heater methods.

Other information: Distillerie Castan is a farm distillery. They grow the barley, distil it, age it and bottle it on site. Distil using steam.

Information about the producer:Born in 1974, Sébastien Castan is the third generation of a family of itinerant distillers in the Tarn region of France. In 2007, he decided to set up in a small village in the south-west of France, the family’s village of origin, where the family farm is also located. Growing malting barley, whisky was a revelation for him, and in 2010 the first whisky distillation took place. The first bottles came out in April 2013. In 2019, the distillery is expanded, with an extension to the distillation room and construction of the ageing cellar. Finally, in 2023, we will be celebrating Vilanova’s 10th anniversary.

Awards: Gold medal in the french whiskies category at the concours general agricole in 03/2023

Price: €35.70