Esbjaerg Vodka


Product: Vodka

Product number, Alko: 181917

Package: 700 ml glass bottle

Closure: Screw cap

Producer: Boomsma Distillery 

Country: The Netherlands

Alcohol content: 40% vol.

Serving temperature: Chilled

Colour: Clear

Nose: Smooth and grainy notes.

Mouth: Very smooth and soft with a slightly sweet finish.

Enjoy together with: A cube of ice or in a cocktail or longdrink.

About the product: The finest grains are selected to produce the best quality grain alcohol for making Esbjaerg Vodka. Then to give it its characteristic softness, the vodka is filtered over active charcoal. ThiS, in combination with Boomsma Distillery’s 140 years of experience in producing and developing spirits, results in an extremely soft and smooth vodka with grainy notes and a sweet finish. Very soft, smooth, and well-balance.

About the producer: Boomsma Distillery is a family-owned company with a rich history in spirits, such as Genever and herb liqueurs. Today, the company produces and sells many more products, such as, whisky, vodka, wine etc.

Price: €24,37