Glendalough Double Barrel Single Grain Whiskey

 Whiskey, grain

Product number, Alko: 192957

Closure: Screw cap

Volume: 700 ml

Age: 4 YO

Producer: Glendalough Irish Whiskey Ltd

Country: Irland

Alcohol content: 42% vol

Temperature to drink: 20°C

Colour: Golden brown

Nose: Aromas of oak and sweetness from sherry

Mouth: Round and slightly sweet

Vinification: This is an Irish whiskey that will make you think twice about Irish whiskey. Forget the blends of the last hundred years, this world beating liquid is not just part of the new breed, it’s a thoroughbred. Our Double Barrel is produced from a standalone mash bill of locally grown and locally malted barley and organic corn. Distillation is through a Coffey still. First fill bourbon barrels are filled with the spirit is matured for over three years. The whiskey is then finished in ex Spanish Oloroso Sherry barrels for six months. Each barrel brings its own unique flavour and character. While the Bourbon barrels add, among other things, sweet, smooth vanilla notes, the Oloroso casks layer on dried fruit and slightly nutty flavours. And of course these are all accented by almost four years resting in Ireland’s mild maritime climate. Once ready. it is non chill filtered and bottled at 42% ABV

Information about the producer: The Glendalough Distillery was set up by a group of friends from Wicklow and Dublin with a passion for reviving the heritage of craft distilling in Ireland.In the 18th & 19th centuries there were over 200 licensed distilleries in Ireland and along with countless unlicensed ones produced diverse styles of poitín, whiskey, gin and even absinthe. Until recently that dropped to a small handful. After many an evening’s banter and debate over why there weren’t more craft distilleries in the birthplace of distilling, the friends convinced each other to leave the safety of their day jobs, head into the mountains and take a chance on something more meaningful (much like the man on the bottle, St Kevin). Together they built a craft distillery near their favourite spot in those mountains, Glendalough.

Enjoy together with:  Dark chocolate, good cigars, coffee or on its own.

Price: €39,89